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Turing is a Pascal-like programming language developed in 1982 by Ric Holt[?] and James Cordy[?], then of University of Toronto, Canada.

It is a descendant of Concurrent Euclid[?]. Turing features a clean syntax and is used primarily as a teaching language at the high school and university level. Two other versions exist, Object-Oriented Turing and Turing Plus, a more robust implementation. Turing is available from Holt Software Associates[?] in Toronto. Versions for Unix, Windows and Apple Macintosh are available.

A brief example of Turing is the following recursive function to calculate a factorial.

  function  factorial (n : integer) : integer
    if n = 0 then
      result = 1
      result = n * factorial(n-1)
    end if
  end factorial

  put factorial(10)

http://www.holtsoft.com/turing/home is the Turing home page.

See also: Alan Turing

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