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Tron (1982) is a Walt Disney science fiction movie starring Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn and Bruce Boxleitner[?] as Alan Bradley, directed by Steven Lisberger[?]. David Warner plays the villain, Dillinger.

Flynn, a computer game programmer, is absorbed into a digital world tyranically ruled by the "Master Control Program". He needs to find "Tron", a security program that can help him escape to the real world. (The Tron program is also played by Boxleitner, whose character created it.) In the process, he has to participate in several action games such as the famous "light cycle" game (the players' cycles leave an impenetrable barrier behind them). In these games, the players represent different computer programs (or, more accurately, processes).

Tron was one of the first movies to use long computer generated sequences, all in all, about 30 minutes of computer generated animation (blended with the filmed characters) were used. Though the plot has been criticized as being shallow, the movie is therefore celebrated as a milestone of computer animation. (The film, however, contains less computer-generated imagery than is generally supposed: many of the effects that look like computer graphics were created using traditional optical effects.)

The movie inspired several computer games, mostly variants of the light cycle game. Disneyland also has a ride inspired by the film.

Tron is also the nickname of German hacker Boris Floricic[?], whose 1998 death is surrounded by various conspiracy theories.

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