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Trigeminal nerve

The trigeminal nerve is the fifth (V) cranial nerve, so named because it splits into three nerves - the Opthalmic nerve[?] (V1), the Maxillary nerve[?] (V2) and the Mandibular nerve[?] (V3).

It is the major cutaneous sensory nerve of the head, and is responsible for sensation over most of the skin on your head. It also carries motor fibres to temporalis muscle[?], lateral pterygoid muscle[?], medial pterygoid muscle[?], masseter muscle[?] (the four main muscles involved in mastication[?]), tensor veli palatini[?], mylohyoid muscle[?] and the tensor tympani muscle[?].

Named branches of the trigeminal nerve: (important branches in bold)

Opthalmic nerve[?] (V1)

Maxillary nerve[?] (V2)

Mandibular nerve[?] (V3)

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