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The toddler developmental timeline shows what an average toddler can do at what age. Times vary greatly from child to child.

If a child is 'behind' in some areas, do not consider it a problem without first consulting with a professional.

Age Physical Mental Emotional
12 - 15 Months
  • Stand alone well.
  • Drink from a cup (poorly).
  • Turn pages in a [[book (a few at a time).
  • Play ball by rolling or tossing it.
  • Use words for parents such as "ma-ma" "da-da"
  • Use one or two other words such as "ball", "cracker", or "cookie"
  • Can follow a simple command with an associated gesture, such as: bringing a cup to you when you point at it and say "Please bring me the cup".
  • Realizes things still exist when they are out of sight, such as a toy block placed into a closed box.
  • Use gestures or words to convey desires, such as: Pointing a book, raising arms to be picked up, or saying "cup".
  • Mimic actions such as covering her eyes while playing peek-a-boo[?].
15 - 18 Months
  • Knows 2 or 3 words.
  • May be able to follow a command without a gesture.
  • Stack 2 blocks.
18 - 24 Months
  • Feed herself with a spoon.
  • Run.
  • Climb into a small chair[?].
  • Walk up steps.
  • Speaks 6 words.
  • Knows a few body parts.
  • Stack 3 or 4 blocks.
  • Understands pushing buttons can make things happen.
  • Wants to be independent at times. Will throw a tantrum or possibly say no.
  • Mimics social behavior such as hugging a teddy bear or feeding a doll.
12 - 24 Months  
  • Sorting toys.
  • Search for hidden objects.
  • Problem solving through experimentation.
  • Self recognition.
  • Self reference.
  • Displays attachment.
  • Separation anxiety.
  • Knows boys from girls.
  • Can play turn taking games.
2 - 3 Years      

Even when a toddler can walk it is often transported in a buggy (pushchair, push-chair), when it is tired, or to increase speed.

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