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The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls was a popular 1980s sitcom that originally aired Saturday nights in primetime on the______ network. It was followed by Empty Nest[?] and Nurses[?], both of which took place in the same fictitous town as The Golden Girls did. Because of this, the three shows would occassionally have specials where characters from one show made appearances in the other ones in order to boost ratings.

The Golden Girls was quite risque for its time, as its main characters were four single old women who lived together, but were still up-to-date with pop culture and sexually active. Mild profanity and strong sexual innuendo were common on the program. Nevertheless, the show was hugely successful with older and middle-aged women in America.

It can now be seen in syndication frequently on the Lifetime Network. It stars Bea Arthur, Estelle Getty[?], Betty White[?], and Rue McLanahan[?].

In the early 2000s, SNL had a skit that comically combined The Golden Girls with the then-popular MTV show, Jackass. Satirizing the many teens who had gotten themselves injured or killed by attempting to recreate the dangerous Jackass stunts, an SNL skit featured a group of teenage boys who idolized The Golden Girls and got together to recreate the goings-on of the four old women in the show. "Sophia's" (Estelle Getty's character on the show) tea pot exploded, killing the young teen who was pretending to be her, and his parents were filing a lawsuit against the creators of The Golden Girls.

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