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The Electric Spanking of War Babies

Title of album: The Electric Spanking of War Babies

Artist: Funkadelic

Release date: 1981

Record label: Warner Brothers

This album is the final LP of Funkadelic's Golden Era. It features many relative newcomers to the P Funk mob, though it is still very popular among Funkadelic fans. At one point, Clinton planned on this being a double album, but the idea was squashed by Warner Brothers. The title is an allusion to the Vietnam War.

Track Listing:

Critical response:

  • ”Electric Spanking is an above-average party album"
    • the Motherpage (http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&uid=SEARCH&sql=A28520r8ac48x)

"Icka Prick" may have been a response to the flak that Funkadelic and LP cover artist Pedro Bell were getting from Warner Bros. and certain women's groups concerning the album cover art, hence the lyric: "You ain't seen obscene yet/We gonna be nasty this year". The lyrics are intentionally filthy.

Other external links:

  • the Motherpage (http://www.duke.edu/~tmc/motherpage/albums_funkadelic/alb-espank)

Title of song: The Electric Spanking of War Babies

Artist: Funkadelic

Title of album: The Electric Spanking of War Babies

Year of first release: 1981

Trivia: The title is George Clinton's characterization of the Vietnam War.

Description of music:

Complete tabs at [external site with complete tabs]

Songwriters: Bob Bishop[?], George Clinton, Walter Morrison[?]

Memorable Lyrics:

  • "I, at the early age of seventeen/Was adopted by aliens"
  • "They have long since programmed me/To return with this message/When you learn to dance/You won't forget it"
  • "It's a bummer to find/That your mind/And your behind/Gets exploded in time"
  • "You've seen the bomb (electric)/Vietnam (spanking of)/LSD (war babies)/You've seen the ?/You've seen DNA/Watch them go to the moon/Live on TV"

Complete lyrics at the Motherpage (http://www.duke.edu/~tmc/motherpage/lyrics_funkadelic/lyr-espank#lyr-s-espank)

The song begins with a silly, spoken intro where the speaker claims to have been adopted by aliens. The aliens gave him a message, which is apparently an urgent need to get Funky. The song then turns obliquely political, and the song's titular reference to the Vietnam War is referred to again.


Critical response:

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