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this is a rough outline. please feel free to help fill it in. Kevin Baas -2003.03.17


That most recent addition looks suspiciously not NPOV, to my eye. Just doing all it can to cast doubt on historical knowledge. -- JohnOwens 22:01 Mar 24, 2003 (UTC)


thank you all for contributing. i think, however, that the subject of "time travel" doesn't fit the topic close enough to deserve a body of text in here. remember that this is a history, and is not concerned with possibilities, but rather sensitizing people to how our ideas and perceptions have evolved thru the generations, so that we may better understand where we are now. It is a history of how we have felt time, the role it has played in our daily lives, and the role it has played in our sciences and therefore our beliefs. You are welcome to post a link to a page on time travel on this page, under the "See also" section, and perhaps in the future there will be a section of text where the link would be very appropriate. Let me say again, though, it is off topic. Please move or remove it.

Furthermore, on the further reading section, there's a book that's described as a fiction book, an 'amusing book'. It wasn't my intent when i made this page to be anything but respectably academic. But ofcourse, I didn't expect or intend to mantain control over this page, otherwise i wouldn't have published it here. I think the book should at least be clearly separated from the more technical and academic texts, and clearly identified as 'literature', or whatever is most appropriate. I hereby invoke a request for comment regarding this reference(rfc).

Kevin Baas 2003.03.26

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