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This article is americentric. What about the first transcontinental railway for all the _other_ continents?. Bryan Derksen

Good comment. Do you have any ideas on what else this article should be titled? Perhaps we could then have First Transcontinental Railways point to the different continental railroads and have First Transcontinental Railroad (singular) redirected to First Transcontinental Railways. maveric149

Is "First Transcontinental Railroad" the proper name of the first transcontinental railroad in North America? The capitalization suggests this might be the case. If so, then it's appropriate for this content to remain here, but I think there should still be links to the other major rail lines. Not sure what I'd call it. Perhaps we could have a link-list article named "First transcontinental railways[?]" (or maybe "Major railways[?]" to include other significant routes such as the Orient Express) and then link to various important railways from there? I wasn't expecting to contribute to any of these articles, so I don't want to make any grand pronouncements on these matters. :) -BD

Perhaps when the new wiki software is ready, we can remane this article First Transcontinental Railroad (North America). However, some Canadians might object to this.... If that becomes the case, then "North America" could be changed to "(America)" or even "(United States of America)". maveric149

The Canadian National railway acroos Canada weas not completed until 1885 (16 years after the American one.)

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