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Tales of Kidd Funkadelic

Title of album: Tales of Kidd Funkadelic

Artist: Funkadelic

Release date: 1976

Record label: Westbound[?]

Tales of Kidd Funkadelic was released by Westbound after Funkadelic had left the label, in order to capitalize on Funkadelic's new-found fame. The tracks were recorded at the same time as Hardcore Jollies, and were found to be lacking; hence, they were not included on that album and were belatedy thrown together to form Tales of Kidd Funkadelic. The album is widely considered extremely weak, though several songs (such as Undisco Kidd) are quite popular live.

Track Listing:

Funkadelic Main Invasion Force (Personnel):

Critical response:

  • ?There were still some fine cuts, but the random element prevented it from being a great album because it lacked the thematic organization and vision Clinton provided for the concept LPs"

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  • the Motherpage (http://www.duke.edu/~tmc/motherpage/albums_funkadelic/alb-tales)

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