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Sunglasses are a kind of spectacles which feature lenses that are coloured or darkened to screen out strong light from the eyes.

Many people find direct sunlight too bright to be comfortable, especially when reading from paper on which the sun directly shines. Also, With the rise of the the atmosphere's damaged ozone layer, it has been recommended to the public to wear these kind of glasses on sunny days to protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation. They have also been associated with film actors since the lightning involved in production is typically strong and uncomfortable to the naked eye.

Corrective lenses can be darkened for serve the same purpose, or a secondary clip on dark lenses can be placed in front of the regular lenses.

James Ayscough[?] allegedly invented the first sunglasses with tinted lenses in the mid-18th century. Polaroid sunglasses date from the 1920s invention by Edwin H. Land.

See also List of people predominantly seen wearing dark glasses.

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