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Sundering of the Elves

In J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional Middle-earth, the Elves are a sundered people. They awoke at Cuivienen on the continent of Middle-earth, but some time after that, they split into two groups, which were never fully reunited.

The Sundering is as follows:

  • QUENDI (the Elves)
    • The Avari are Those who Refused the Summons of Oromë, or simply The Unwilling. Together with the Nandor and the Sindar, they are called the Moriquendi[?], in recognition of the fact that they did not see the light of the Two Trees. While all of the Eldar departed Middle-earth by the early Fourth Age, it appears that the Avari stayed.
    • The Eldar are those who accepted the summons. Their name, literally Star People, was given to them by Oromë. They comprise three tribes: the Vanyar, the Noldor, and part of the Teleri.
      • Those of the Teleri who refused to cross the Misty Mountains, and stayed in the valley of Anduin, are called the Nandor (Valley People).
        • Those of the Nandor who left the Anduin under the leadership of Denethor and came to Beleriand are called the Laiquendi[?] (Green Elves).
      • Those of the Teleri who came to the shores of Belegaer but decided to stay there are called the Sindar (Grey People or Grey Elves).
      • The Noldor, the Vanyar, and those of the Teleri who stayed with them to the end are called the Calaquendi.
        • Some of the Noldor returned with Fëanor to Middle-earth, and at least some of these remained there through the Third Age.

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