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Common Starling
Sturnus vulgaris
Scientific classification
Fregilupus (extinct)
† See also Myna, Oxpecker

Starlings are small to medium-sized passerine birds in the family Sturndidae. Starlings occur naturally only in the Old World, some forms as far east as Australia, but several European and Asian species have been introduced to North America, and Australia where the Common Starling is a serious pest.

They are medium-sized passerines with strong feet. Their flight is strong and direct, and they are very gregarious. Their preferred habitat is fairly open country, and they eat insects and fruit. Several species live around habitation, and are effectively omnivores.

Plumage is typically dark with a metallic sheen. Most species nest in holes, laying blue or white eggs.

Many species are named as mynas, and the genus Lamprotornis is the African glossy-starlings[?]. Two Buphagus species are named as oxpeckers.

Species list:

  • Metallic Starling, Aplonis metallica
  • Yellow-eyed Starling, Aplonis mystacea
  • Singing Starling, Aplonis cantoroides
  • Tanimbar Starling, Aplonis crassa
  • Atoll Starling, Aplonis feadensis
  • Rennell Starling, Aplonis insularis
  • Long-tailed Starling, Aplonis magna
  • White-eyed Starling, Aplonis brunneicapilla
  • Brown-winged Starling, Aplonis grandis
  • San Cristobal Starling, Aplonis dichroa
  • Rusty-winged Starling, Aplonis zelandica
  • Striated Starling, Aplonis striata
  • Mountain Starling, Aplonis santovestris
  • Asian Glossy Starling, Aplonis panayensis
  • Moluccan Starling, Aplonis mysolensis
  • Short-tailed Starling, Aplonis minor
  • Micronesian Starling, Aplonis opaca
  • Pohnpei Starling, Aplonis pelzelni
  • Polynesian Starling, Aplonis tabuensis
  • Samoan Starling, Aplonis atrifusca
  • Rarotonga Starling, Aplonis cinerascens

  • Yellow-faced Myna, Mino dumontii
  • Golden Myna, Mino anais
  • Long-tailed Myna, Mino kreffti

  • Sulawesi Myna, Basilornis celebensis
  • Helmeted Myna, Basilornis galeatus
  • Long-crested Myna, Basilornis corythaix
  • Apo Myna, Basilornis miranda

  • Coleto, Sarcops calvus

  • White-necked Myna, Streptocitta albicollis
  • Bare-eyed Myna, Streptocitta albertinae

  • Fiery-browed Myna, Enodes erythrophris

  • Finch-billed Myna, Scissirostrum dubium

  • Spot-winged Starling, Saroglossa spiloptera
  • Madagascar Starling, Saroglossa aurata

  • Golden-crested Myna, Ampeliceps coronatus

  • Common Hill Myna, Gracula religiosa
  • Southern Hill Myna, Gracula indica
  • Enggano Myna, Gracula enganensis
  • Nias Myna, Gracula robusta
  • Ceylon Myna, Gracula ptilogenys

  • White-vented Myna, Acridotheres grandis
  • Crested Myna, Acridotheres cristatellus
  • Javan Myna, Acridotheres javanicus
  • Pale-bellied Myna, Acridotheres cinereus
  • Jungle Myna[?], Acridotheres fuscus
  • Collared Myna, Acridotheres albocinctus
  • Bank Myna, Acridotheres ginginianus
  • Common Myna[?], Acridotheres tristis
  • Vinous-breasted Starling, Acridotheres burmannicus
  • Black-winged Starling, Acridotheres melanopterus

  • Bali Myna, Leucopsar rothschildi

  • Black-collared Starling, Gracupica nigricollis
  • Asian Pied Starling, Gracupica contra

  • Daurian Starling, Sturnia sturnina
  • Chestnut-cheeked Starling, Sturnia philippensis
  • White-shouldered Starling, Sturnia sinensis
  • Chestnut-tailed Starling, Sturnia malabarica
  • White-headed Starling, Sturnia erythropygia
  • White-faced Starling, Sturnia albofrontata

  • Wattled Starling, Creatophora cinerea

  • Cape Glossy-Starling, Lamprotornis nitens
  • Greater Blue-eared Glossy-Starling[?], Lamprotornis chalybaeus
  • Lesser Blue-eared Glossy-Starling, Lamprotornis chloropterus
  • Bronze-tailed Glossy-Starling, Lamprotornis chalcurus
  • Splendid Glossy-Starling[?], Lamprotornis splendidus
  • Principe Glossy-Starling, Lamprotornis ornatus
  • Emerald Starling, Lamprotornis iris
  • Purple Glossy-Starling[?], Lamprotornis purpureus
  • Rueppell's Glossy-Starling, Lamprotornis purpuropterus
  • Long-tailed Glossy-Starling, Lamprotornis caudatus
  • Golden-breasted Starling, Lamprotornis regius
  • Meves' Glossy-Starling, Lamprotornis mevesii
  • Burchell's Glossy-Starling, Lamprotornis australis
  • Sharp-tailed Glossy-Starling, Lamprotornis acuticaudus
  • Black-bellied Glossy-Starling, Lamprotornis corruscus
  • Superb Starling[?], Lamprotornis superbus
  • Hildebrandt's Starling, Lamprotornis hildebrandti
  • Shelley's Starling, Lamprotornis shelleyi
  • Chestnut-bellied Starling, Lamprotornis pulcher
  • Purple-headed Glossy-Starling, Lamprotornis purpureiceps
  • Copper-tailed Glossy-Starling, Lamprotornis cupreocauda

  • Violet-backed Starling, Cinnyricinclus leucogaster

  • African Pied Starling, Spreo bicolor
  • Fischer's Starling, Spreo fischeri
  • Ashy Starling, Spreo unicolor
  • White-crowned Starling, Spreo albicapillus

  • Red-winged Starling, Onychognathus morio
  • Slender-billed Starling, Onychognathus tenuirostris
  • Chestnut-winged Starling, Onychognathus fulgidus
  • Waller's Starling, Onychognathus walleri
  • Somali Starling, Onychognathus blythii
  • Socotra Starling, Onychognathus frater
  • Tristram's Starling, Onychognathus tristramii
  • Pale-winged Starling, Onychognathus nabouroup
  • Bristle-crowned Starling, Onychognathus salvadorii
  • White-billed Starling, Onychognathus albirostris
  • Neumann's Starling, Onychognathus neumanni
  • Narrow-tailed Starling, Poeoptera lugubris
  • Stuhlmann's Starling, Poeoptera stuhlmanni
  • Kenrick's Starling, Poeoptera kenricki

  • Sharpe's Starling, Pholia sharpii
  • Abbott's Starling, Pholia femoralis

  • White-collared Starling, Grafisia torquata

  • Magpie Starling, Speculipastor bicolor

  • Babbling Starling, Neocichla gutturalis

  • Red-billed Oxpecker, Buphagus erythrorhynchus
  • Yellow-billed Oxpecker Buphagus africanus

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