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I betcha this will become its own top-level entry, when this morphs into a full-blown war. An analyst on NPR Weekend Morning Edition just said "This will be, in a literal sense, World War III." --The Cunctator
Any chance they'll pass the Department of Peace[?] now? (proposed earlier this year)
Any chance the U.S. media will sometime begin presenting news rather than bloodthirsty blindly patriotic bullshit? (redundant three times in four words, that's a record.) Flame me here (mailto:koyaanisqatsi@nospam.nupedia.com), just remove the "nospam" bit.

The amazing thing (given the Back history) is that anyone can say "unprovoked" or "without warning".

On November, 2001, the Northern Alliance won Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan over the Taliban forcing them to flee in Kandahar.

Media here said Taliban just withdrawed from Kabul without any fight. --Taw

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This news item might be of use to someone. Dunno. [1] (http://www.myafghan.com/news.asp?id=969191131) Kingturtle 00:04 Apr 28, 2003 (UTC)

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