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School grades (Canada)

School grades in Canada. It is hoped that this reference chart will be useful to those unfamiliar with the Canadian school system. Primary education and secondary education together are sometimes referred to as K-12 (kindergarten through twelfth grade). It should be noted that practice can vary from this general picture.


Canada Outside Quebec

  • Pre-School[?], Nursery School, or Head Start; Under 5
  • Elementary School In the nineteenth and early twentieth century, Elementary School or Grammar School included grades kindergarten through eight, high school included grades nine through twelve.
    • Kindergarten 5-6
    • 1st Grade 6-7
    • 2nd Grade 7-8
    • 3rd Grade 8-9
    • 4th Grade 9-10
    • 5th Grade 10-11
    • 6th Grade 11-12
  • Junior high school[?] Also called "middle school" or "intermediate school". In many places, junior high school and high school are merged into one consisting of a high school with Grades 8-12.
    • 7th Grade 12-13
    • 8th Grade (Freshman year)13-14
    • 9th Grade (Sophomore year) 14-15
  • High school
    • 10th Grade (Intermediate year) 15-16
    • 11th Grade (Junior year) 16-17
    • 12th Grade (Senior year) 17-18
    • 13th Grade or OAC[?] (Ontario, phased out recently) 18-19
  • College or University Undergraduate grades are also called Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years.
    • Undergraduate
      • Lower division, two years leading to an Associate (Arts or Science) degree.
      • Upper division, two years leading to a Bachelor degree.
    • Postgraduate
      • One or Two years leading to a Masters degree.
      • Two years leading to a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree.


  • garderie (Nursery School); Under 5
  • maternelle (Kindergarten); 5-6
  • école primaire (Elementary School)
    • Grade 1; 6-7
    • Grade 2; 7-8
    • Grade 3; 8-9
    • Grade 4; 9-10
    • Grade 5; 10-11
    • Grade 6; 11-12
  • école secondaire (High school)
    • Secondary 1; 12-13
    • Secondary 2; 13-14
    • Secondary 3; 14-15
    • Secondary 4; 15-16
    • Secondary 5; 16-17
  • Cegep
    • Three years leading to an Attestation d'études collégiales (Associate degree) or
    • Two years leading to a Diplôme d'études collégiales
  • University (Must have Diplôme d'études collégiales or equvalent)
    • Undergraduate
    • Postgraduate
      • One or Two years leading to a Masters degree.
      • Two years leading to a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree.

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