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Russo-Japanese War

The Russo-Japanese war (1904-1905) was a conflict that grew out of the rival imperialist ambitions of Imperial Russia and Japan in Manchuria and Korea. It resulted in a surprise victory by Japan, establishing Japan as a major world power. Popular discontent in Russia following the defeat led to the Russian Revolution of 1905. Discontent among Japanese over the lack of territorial gains led to an erosion of good feelings towards the United States.

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Other dates: Relations severed 6 Feb 1904; war declared Feb 10; battle of the Yalu c.Apr 26-May 1; battle of Liaoyang c.Aug 24-Sep 4; battle of the Shaho Oct 9-16; (Dogger Bank incident Oct 21): Roosevelt offers mediation 8 Jun 1905; talks open Aug 10.

[All above dates are New-Style (Gregorian): for conformity, where there are two, use the one that reads 13 days "later" than the other.]

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