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Religion and homosexuality

Many religions make pronouncements on homosexuality. In some, including the traditional branches of the Abrahamic religions, homosexuality is a mortal sin; while in others, it is entirely acceptable.

There are various sub-articles giving the views of different faiths on homosexuality:

AIDS as punishment Some religious people (often considered extremists) who consider homosexuality a sin interpret AIDS as a punishment exacted by God for homosexual behavior, the concept that AIDS is a "gay plague".

Religion, homosexuality, and legislation Opposition to equal rights protections, gay marriage, and hate crimes legislation is often informed by religious beliefs. Some religions believe that homosexual orientation or behaviour is a sin. This can be interpreted in two ways:

  • Religious supporters of gay rights believe in "hate the sin; love the sinner". They say that believing homosexuality to be sinful is not incompatible with support for gay rights legislation.
  • Religious opponents of gay rights believe that supporting pro-gay legislation would constitute approval of homosexuality itself. They say that such approval is incompatible with their faith.

Other religions do not have a theological problem with homosexuality, and do not believe that it is inherently sinful.

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