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A race is a competition of speed. The competitors in any race try to complete a given task in the shortest amount of time. Typically, this involves traversing some distance most quickly, but can be just about any other task.

A race to cover a certain distance may be almost any length, and using any means stipulated by the rules of the race. Running a certain distance is the template of racing, but races are often conducted in vehicles, such as boats and cars.

Early records of races are evidient on ancient Greek pottery, where running men are depicted vying for first place. There is a chariot race in the Iliad.

A race and its name are often associated with the place of origin, the means of transport and the distance of the race. As a couple of examples, see the Paris-Dakar rally or the Athens marathon[?].

Types of Racing

Here is a list of some common and not so common forms of racing.

Using only the Human body's own muscles

With Bicycles, is known as Cycling

With Skis on Snow

With Animals

Using Machines powered by motors, on Land

Using Boats On Water

and in Virtual reality or on a Videogame

Also see: Sport, Gambling, Totalisator, Pacemaker, Nuclear arms race[?], Space Race, Race Game, Surf lifesaving

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