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Potassium hydroxide

Name Potassium hydroxide
Chemical formula KOH
Appearance White solid
Formula weight 56.1 amu
Melting point 679 K (406 °C)
Boiling point 1593 K (1320 °C)
Density 2.0 ×103 kg/m3
Crystal structure ?
Solubility 119 g in 100g water
ΔfH0gas -232 kJ/mol
ΔfH0liquid -415.6 kJ/mol
ΔfH0solid -425 kJ/mol
S0solid 79 J/mol·K
Ingestion Very dangerous, may cause permanent GI damage, even death.
Inhalation Very dangerous, high doses may cause serious injury. Long-term hazards also known.
Skin Causes burns, ranging from a rash up to deep ulcers.
Eyes As for skin, may cause irreversible damage.
More info Hazardous Chemical Database (http://ull.chemistry.uakron.edu/erd/chemicals/7/6963)
SI units were used where possible. Unless otherwise stated, standard conditions were used.

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Potassium hydroxide is a chemical compound with the formula KOH. It is sometimes known as caustic potash. It is a very alkaline compound used in agriculture to correct the pH of acidic soils. It can also be used as a fungicide or even a herbicide.

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