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Politics of Nauru

Nauru is a democratic republic.

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The country's 18-member Parliament is run under a British-style system. There is a loose multiparty system; the two main parties are the Democratic Party and Nauru Party (informal). Elections for the Parliament are held every three years; voting is compulsory for all citizens aged 20 or more.

The Parliament elects a president from amongst its members, who appoints a Cabinet of 5-6 people. The President is both the head of state and head of government.

A series of no-confidence votes, resignations and elections between 1999 and 2003 saw Rene Harris[?] and Bernard Dowiyogo as President for numerous short periods during a period of political instability. Dowigoyo died in office on March 10, 2003 in Washington DC after heart surgery. Ludwig Scotty[?] was elected President on May 29, 2003, possibly bringing to an end the years of political uncertainty.

List of Presidents since independence

Name (birth-death)Dates of presidency
Hammer de Roburt[?] (1922-) 31.01.1968-22.12.1976
Bernard Dowiyogo (1946-2003) 22.12.1976-19.04.1978
Lagumot Harris[?] (1938-1999) 19.04.1978-15.05.1978
Hammer de Roburt 15.05.1978-17.09.1986
Kennan Adeang[?] 17.09.1986-01.10.1986
Hammer de Roburt 01.10.1986-12.1986
Kennan Adeang 12.1986-12.1986
Hammer de Roburt 12.1986-17.08.1989
Kenos Aroi[?] 17.08.1989-12.12.1989
Bernard Dowiyogo 12.12.1989-22.11.1995
Lagumot Harris 22.11.1995-11.11.1996
Bernard Dowiyogo 11.11.1996-26.11.1996
Kennan Adeang 26.11.1996-19.12.1996
Rueben Kun 19.12.1996-13.02.1997
Kinza Godfrey Clodumar[?] (1944-) 13.02.1997-18.06.1998
Bernard Dowiyogo 18.06.1998-27.04.1999
Rene Harris[?] (1948-) 27.04.1999-20.04.2000
Bernard Dowiyogo 20.04.2000-30.03.2001
Rene Harris30.03.2001-09.01.2003
Bernard Dowiyogo09.01.2003-17.01.2003
Rene Harris17.01.2003-18.01.2003
Bernard Dowiyogo18.01.2003-10.03.2003
Derog Gioura10.03.2003-
Ludwig Scotty[?]29.05.2003-
Legal System Nauruan law is based on British common law and Acts of the Nauru Parliament. Decisions are made by the Supreme Court.

International organization participation: Nauru is a member of the following organisations: Asian Development Bank, The Commonwealth, ESCAP, ICAO, ICC, Intelsat (nonsignatory user), Interpol, IOC, ITU, OPCW, Pacific Island Forum[?], Pacific Community[?], Sparteca[?], United Nations, UNESCO, UPU, WHO

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