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In Greek mythology, Phorcys was a primevil sea god, son of Pontus and Gaia. His wife was Ceto and together they had many children, all hideous monsters collectively known as the Phorcydes.


  1. Ceto
    1. Echidna
    2. Gorgons
      1. Euryale
      2. Medusa
      3. Sthenno
    3. Graeae
      1. Deino
      2. Enyo
      3. Pemphredo
    4. Hesperides
      1. Aegle
      2. Arethusa
      3. Erytheia
      4. Hesperia
    5. Ladon
    6. Scylla
    7. Sirens
    8. Thoosa

Also in Greek mythology, Phorcys was the name of a Phrygian leader during the Trojan War. Ajax killed him.

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