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Informally, an ography is a field of study or academic discipline ending in the suffix -ography. The word ography is therefore a back-formation from the names of these disciplines. Such words are formed from Greek or Latin roots with the terminal -graphy derived from the Greek verb γραφειν (graphein), to write. The word ography is thus misleading as the 'o' is actually part of the word stem that receives the -graphy ending. For example, the bio part of biography stems from Greek βιος (bios), life. This is why some of the words do not end in -ography (such as calligraphy).

Some non-study ographies are:

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  • Autobiography, the biography of a person written by that person
  • Bibliography, a list of writings used or considered by an author in preparing a particular work
  • Biography, an account of a person's life
  • Calligraphy, the art of fine handwriting
  • Choreography, the art of creating and arranging dances or ballets
  • Photography, the art, practice, or occupation of taking and printing photographs
  • Pornography,

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  • Areography[?], the study of the physical features of the planet Mars
  • Cartography, the study and making of maps
  • Demography, the study of the characteristics of human populations, such as size, growth, density, distribution, and vital statistics
  • Geography, the study of spatial relationships on the Earth's surface
  • Hagiography, the study of saints
  • Historiography, the study of the study of history
  • Oceanography, the exploration and scientific study of the ocean and its phenomena
  • Oreography[?], the science and study of mountains

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