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Neolithic architecture

Neolithic architecture existed before written history began. So why do we say there was architecture if there was no one to document the act?

Through archaeological evidence found all over the world, this age is seen to have produced stone tools and weapons, burial sites, and other objects whose sole purpose seems to be religious or ritual. However, through numerous written accounts of this period of time, whether on stone or skin, we have reports that earthly objects separate from natural forms have always been designed and built by man for a purpose and subsequently did not last because of natural decay or deconstruction and not necessarily due to a failure in design.

The Old Testament is the only document that covers the activities of ancient civilization during this age. Two accounts written in the book of Genesis point to the existence of man and therefore their desire to build or design structures never seen before on the earth centuries before the acts were documented by historians of oral history (Genesis 6 and 11). The first account concerns the need of a man, Noah, to travel at the direction of a divine being's (God Almighty) design of a huge wooden box or Ark. The second account concerns man's desire to produce a permanent structure (Tower of Babel) made of stone or brick reaching to the heavens.

Therefore, it can be said that even though the structures of Neolithic civilizations do not exist today we have confidence that the need for buildings, shelters and thus design/architecture has always been of man's concern since the beginning of their inhabiting earth.

Remainings Inhabited neolithic buildings exist at Skara Brae on Orkney. Maes Howe, also on Orkney, is a fine example of a Neolithic burial mound.

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