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Master's degree

A Master's degree is an academic degree generally awarded for completion of a postgraduate[?] course of one to two years in duration.

MA, MS, MSc The Master of Arts and Master of Science degrees are the basic type in most subjects and may be entirely course-based, entirely research-based or a mixture.

MChem, MEng, MMath, MPhys, etc. In the UK, many universities now have a four year undergrad programme in science courses, with a small project in the final year. The awards for these are named after the subject, so a course in mathematics would earn a Master of Mathematics degree, abbreviated to MMath.

MPhil The Master of Philosophy is a research degree awarded for the completion of a thesis. It is a shorter version of the PhD and some universities routinely enter potential PhD students into the MPhil programme and allow them to upgrade to the full PhD programme a year or two into the course.

Other Master's degrees:

  • MBA
  • MM- Master of Management

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