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Magic: The Gathering/World Championship

YearWinnerHeld in
1994Zak Dolan[?] (USA)Milwaukee, WI, USA
1995Alexander Blumke[?] (Switzerland)Seattle, WA, USA
1996Tom Chanpheng[?] (Australia)Seattle, WA, USA
1997Jakub Slemr[?] (Czech Republic)Seattle, WA, USA
1998Brian Selden[?] (USA)Seattle, WA, USA
1999Kai Budde[?] (Germany)Yokohama, Japan
2000Jon Finkel[?] (USA)Brussels, Belgium
2001Tom van de Logt[?] (Netherlands)Toronto, Canada
2002Carlos Eduardo Romão[?] (Brazil)Sydney, Australia
2003TBDBerlin, Germany
The Magic: The Gathering world championships have been held annually since 1994.

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The 2003 world championship

The 2003 world championship will be held from August 6 to August 10 at the Estrel Hotel (http://www.estrel.de/) in Berlin, Germany. The total prize money awarded to the top 64 finishers will be 208,130 USD, of which the new world champion will receive 35,000 USD.

The 2002 world championship (Complete coverage (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=sideboard/events/worlds02))

The 2002 world championship was held from August 13 to August 18, 2002 at Fox Studios (http://www.foxstudios.com.au/home.asp) in Sydney, Australia; 24-year old Carlos "Jaba" Romão from São Paulo, Brazil came out as world champion, garnering a prize of 35,000 USD with the help of his blue/black "Psychatog" deck. Other finalists included Mark Ziegner[?] from Germany (2nd place), Diego Ostrovich[?] from Argentina (3rd place) and Dave Humpherys[?] from the USA (4th place), as well as malaysian national champion Sim Han How[?] (5th place), John Larkin[?] from Ireland (6th place), Tuomas Kotiranta[?] from Finland (7th place) and Ken Krouner[?] from the USA (8th place).

Carlos' winning deck consisted of the following cards:

Main Deck:

  • 4 Nightscape Familiar
  • 4 Psychatog
  • 3 Chainers Edict
  • 3 Circular Logic
  • 4 Counterspell
  • 3 Cunning Wish
  • 3 Deep Analysis
  • 3 Fact or Fiction
  • 3 Memory Lapse
  • 4 Repulse
  • 2 Upheaval
  • 10 Island
  • 2 Cephalid Coliseum
  • 1 Darkwater Catacombs
  • 4 Salt Marsh
  • 3 Swamp
  • 4 Underground River


  • 1 Coffin Purge
  • 4 Duress
  • 1 Fact or Fiction
  • 1 Gainsay
  • 3 Ghastly Demise
  • 1 Hibernation
  • 1 Mana Short
  • 1 Recoil
  • 1 Slay
  • 1 Teferis Response

The 2001 world championship (Complete coverage (http://www.wizards.com/sideboard/event.asp?event=Worlds2001))

The 2001 world championship was held from August 8 to August 12, 2001 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center (http://www.mtccc.com/) in Toronto, Canada; Tom van de Logt[?] from the Netherlands came out as the new world champion, garnering a prize of 35,000 USD for his victory (as well as another 1,000 USD for the success of the dutch team he was part of). Other finalists included Alex Borteh[?] from the USA (2nd place), Antoine Rel[?] from France (3rd place) and Andrea Santin[?] from Italy (4th place), as well as Michael Turian[?] from the USA (5th place), Jan Tomcani[?] from the Slovak Republic (6th place), Tommi Hovi[?] from Finland (7th place) and John Ormerod[?] from England (8th place).

Tom's winning black-red deck consisted of the following cards:

Main Deck:

  • 6 Swamp
  • 6 Mountain
  • 4 Rishadan Port
  • 4 Urborg Volcano
  • 4 Sulfurous Springs
  • 4 Plague Spitter
  • 3 Phyrexian Scuta
  • 3 Skizzik
  • 2 Flametongue Kavu
  • 2 Crypt Angel
  • 4 Blazing Specter
  • 4 Duress
  • 4 Dark Ritual
  • 4 Terminate
  • 3 Vendetta
  • 3 Urza's Rage


  • 4 Scoria Cat
  • 3 Addle
  • 2 Persecute
  • 1 Pyroclasm
  • 3 Phyrexian Arena
  • 1 Flametongue Kavu
  • 1 Crypt Angel

The 2000 world championship

(to be written)

The 1999 world championship

(to be written)

The 1998 world championship

(to be written)

The 1997 world championship

(to be written)

The 1996 world championship

(to be written)

The 1995 world championship

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The 1994 world championship

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