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Discovered bySeth Barnes Nicholson
Discovered in1938
Orbital characteristics
Mean radius11,700,000 km
Orbital period~258.5
Is a satellite ofJupiter
Physical characteristics
Equatorial diameter36 km
Surface area km2
Mass6.3×1016 kg
Mean density2.6 g/cm3
Surface gravity0.0013 m/s2
Rotation period?
Axial tilt
Surface temp.
Atmospheric pressure0 kPa

Lysithea (pronounced "ly SITH ee uh") is a moon of Jupiter. It was discovered by Seth Barnes Nicholson in 1938 at Lick Observatory and is named after a daughter of Oceanus and one of Zeus' lovers.

  • Orbital radius: 11,720,000 km
  • Diameter: 36 km
  • Mass: 7.77×1016 kg
  • Orbital period: 259.2 days
  • Orbital inclination: 29°

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