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Lyndon LaRouche

Lyndon LaRouche Jr. is an American political figure, and a perennial presidential candidate.

His political views are extremely controversial and are characterized by his belief in a number of complex conspiracy theories, involving global plots to establish a frightening new world order.

The Complex Domain

The germ of all his political views is an understanding of what he terms "the complex domain". By this, scientists such as Gauss and Riemann mean the domain of the universal physical principles, or natural laws, pertaining to both science and art, the interaction of which with man's sense organs produces the apparent, but paradoxical sensible universe. The resolution of such paradoxes by the method of creative hypothesis and proof-of-principle experiment, is the source of all knowledge.

From this platonic understanding, LaRouche identifies the only true political conflict, as that between oligarchism, which declares man a kind of domesticable herd animal, and government based on the general welfare, which declares him made in the mental image of the Creator. In the latter, the only efficient agenda is the development of mankind's characteristic faculty for discovering, transmitting, and employing universal physical principles.

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