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List of the world's tallest structures

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Structures in italics are no longer standing

  1. Warszawa Radio Mast, Plock, Poland[?] (647m)
  2. KTHI-TV Mast, Fargo, North Dakota (629m)
  3. KXJB-TV Mast, Galesberg, North Dakota[?] (628m)
  4. KZFX-TV Mast, Lake Jackson, Texas (615m)
  5. Petronius Platform, Gulf of Mexico (610m)
  6. WITN-TV Mast, Grifton, North Carolina (610m)
  7. KATV-TV Mast, Jefferson County, Arkansas (610m)
  8. Radio Mast, Houston (603m)
  9. WFMY-TV Mast, Greensboro, North Carolina (583m)
  10. Coweta TV Mast, Coweta, Oklahoma (582m)
  11. CN Tower, Toronto (554m)
  12. Ostankino Tower[?], Moscow (540m)
  13. Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur (452m)
  14. Sears Tower, Chicago (442m)
  15. Jin Mao Building[?], Shanghai (421m)
  16. World Trade Center Tower One, New York City (417m)
  17. World Trade Center Tower Two, New York City (415m)
  18. Tianjin Tower[?], Tianjin (415m)
  19. Citic Plaza[?], Guangzhou (391m)
  20. Shun Hing Square[?], Shenzhen (384m)
  21. Empire State Building, New York City (381m)
  22. Central Plaza, Hong Kong (378.4 m)
  23. Tashkent Tower[?], Tashkent (375m)
  24. Bank of China Tower, Hong Kong (369m)
  25. Berliner Fernsehturm[?], Berlin (365m)
  26. Emirates Tower One, Dubai (355m)
  27. Stratosphere[?], Las Vegas (350m)
  28. T&C Tower, Kaohsiung (347m)
  29. Amoco Building[?], Chicago (346m)
  30. John Hancock Center[?], Chicago (344m)
  31. Tokyo Tower, Tokyo (333m)
  32. Sky Central Plaza[?], Guangzhou (322m)
  33. Baiyoke Tower[?], Bangkok (320m)
  34. Chrysler Building, New York City (319m)
  35. Nations Bank Plaza[?], Atlanta (312m)
  36. First Interstate World Center[?], Los Angeles (310m)
  37. Texas Commerce Tower[?], Houston (305m)
  38. AMP Tower[?], Sydney (305m)
  39. Eiffel Tower, Paris (301m)
  40. Ryugyong Hotel[?], Pyongyang (300m)

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