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The Lion, Panthera leo, is a mammal of the family Felidae. The male lion, who is easily recognized by his mane, may weigh up to 250 kg. Females are much smaller, weighing up to only 180 kg. Lions are carnivores who live in family groups, called prides, consisting of related females, their cubs of both sexes, and an unrelated male who mates with the adult females. The females do the hunting for the pride. Males are expelled from the pride when they reach maturity.

Despite being popularly known as the "king of the jungle", the lion is an animal of the open plains, and can be found throughout Africa. It is nevertheless a threatened species with significant populations being limited to national parks in Tanzania and South Africa.

The last remnant of the Asiatic lion (subspecies Panthera leo persica), which in historical times ranged from Greece to India through Persia, lives in the Gir Forest[?] of northwestern India. About 300 lions live in a 500-square mile sanctuary in the state of Gujarat.

A member of a football club (e.g. Detroit Lions, Brisbane Lions, British and Irish Lions) or other sports team.

A member of a service club (Lions Clubs International)

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