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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Felidae
Genera and Species
Subfamily Felinae
   Caracal caracal - Caracal
   Catopuma badia - Bay cat
   Catopuma temmincki - Asiatic golden cat
   Felis bieti - Chinese desert cat
   Felis catus - Housecat, domestic cat
   Felis chaus - Papyrus cat,
    Jungle cat, Swamp cat, Reed cat
   Felis lybica - Desert cat
   Felis margarita - Sand cat
   Felis nigripes - Black-footed cat
   Felis silvestris - Wood cat
   Felis concolor - Puma,
    mountain lion, cougar, catamount
    (some biologists consider the puma
      to form a genus of its own)

   Herpailurus yaguarundi - Jaguarundi
   Leptailurus serval - Serval
   Lynx canadensis - Canada lynx
   Lynx lynx - Eurasian lynx
   Lynx pardina - Spanish lynx
   Lynx rufus - Bobcat (mammal)
   Oncifelis colocolo - Pampas cat
   Oncifelis geoffroyi - Geoffrey's cat
   Oncifelis guigna - Kodkod
   Orealurus jocobitus - Andean cat
   Otocolobus manul - Pallas's cat
   Prionailurus bengalensis - Bengal cat,
    Leopard cat
   Prionailurus planiceps - Flat-headed cat
   Prionailurus rubiginosa - Rusty-spotted cat
   Prionailurus viverrinus - Fishing cat
   Profelis aurata - African golden cat
   Leopardus pardalis[?] - Ocelot[?]
   Leopardus tigrinus[?] - Little spotted cat
   Leopardus wiedii - Margay
Subfamily Pantherinae
   Neofelis nebulosa - Clouded leopard
   Panthera leo - Lion
   Panthera tigris - Tiger
   Panthera pardus - Leopard
   Panthera onca - Jaguar
   Pardofelis marmorata - Marbled cat
   Uncia uncia - Snow leopard
  Smilodon (Extinct)
   Smilodon fatalis - Sabre-tooth cat
Subfamily Acinonychinae
   Acinonyx jubatus - Cheetah
Felidae is a family of animals commonly referred to as "cats" or "felines". The prototypical and most familiar feline is the domestic cat, and other well-known members of the family include big cats such as lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, cheetahs, and panthers, as well as other wild cats such as lynxes, pumas, and bobcats.


ITIS No. 180580

Felidae is also the title of a novel by Akif Pirincci[?] in which a cat named Joseph investigates the murders of several cats in the big city. The sequel is Felidae on the Road.

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