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Latvian mythology

Latvian mythology is based primarily off collections of folklore and song texts. Much of the information presented herein, and in the best sources on the subject, is purely speculation based off very limited facts.

In AD 98, Tacitus, a Roman, mentioned the worship of mahtes, goddesses in the old Latvian mythology. Tacitus, however, did not speak Latvian and spent little time there. Later, reports of Christianization give similarly unbalanced information. We do know that some tribes had had their religious beliefs declining for some time, and accepted Christianity willingly. Others, such as the Curonians[?] and Semigallians[?], resisted Christianization. Later texts by authors who presumably knew nothing of Latvian beliefs, substituted supposedly authoritative work substituting Prussian deities, adding extremely unlikely explanations and etymologies.

The deities were believed to live on a mountain called Debeskalns.

The Latvians recognized eight different seasons to the year. The end of one season and the beginning of the next was marked by a festival.

Modern Season/Latvian Equivalents/Boundary Festivals
Winter Winter Time (Ziemas Laiks) Ziemassvetki - Meteni
Winter Frost Time (Sersnu Laiks) Meteni - Lieldienas
Spring Spring Time (Pavasara Laiks) Lieldienas - Jurgi
Spring Planting Time (Sejas Laiks) Jurgi - Jani
Summer Threshing Time (Siena Laiks) Jani - Maras
Summer Autumn time (Rudens Laiks) Maras - Mikeli
Fall Spirits Time (Velu Laiks) Mikeli - Martini
Fall Ice Time (Ledus Laiks) Martini - Ziemassvetki

Other holidays:

  1. Barbes Diena
  2. Bertuli Diena
  3. Biezputras Diena
  4. Binduli Diena
  5. Dveselu Diena
  6. Gregoru Diena
  7. Jekaupa Diena
  8. Kazimiras Diena
  9. Kustonu Diena
  10. Labrenca Diena
  11. Pelnu Diena
  12. Septinu Bralu Diena
  13. Septinu Guletaju Diena
  14. Tanis Diena
  15. Tipsa Diena
  16. Tris Kungu Diena
  17. Urbanas Diena
  18. Veja Diena
  19. Vitus Diena
  20. Zalu Diena
  21. Zirgu Diena

List of deities and other terms

  1. Auseklis
  2. Austras Koks
  3. Bangu mate
  4. Cela mate
  5. Cerklicing
  6. Darzamate
  7. Dekla
  8. Dekla mate
  9. Dewing Uschinge
  10. Dewing
  11. Dieva deli
  12. Dievini
  13. Dievs
  14. Dievturiba
  15. Gausu mate
  16. Janis
  17. Jumis
  18. Juras mate
  19. Kapu mate
  20. Karta mate
  21. Karta
  22. Krumu mate
  23. Laima
  24. Lapu mate
  25. Lauka mate
  26. Lauku mate
  27. Lazdu mate
  28. Lietus mate
  29. Linu mate
  30. Lopes mate
  31. Lopu mate
  32. Majas gars
  33. Mara
  34. Martins
  35. mate
  36. Meness
  37. Meza Dievs
  38. Meza mate
  39. Meza Virs
  40. Mieza mate
  41. Miglas mate
  42. Mikelis
  43. Moschel
  44. Perkons
  45. Pirta mate
  46. Pukis
  47. Ragana
  48. Rijas mate
  49. Saule
  50. Saules meitas
  51. Senu mate
  52. Smilsu mate
  53. Sniega mate
  54. Tirgus mate
  55. Udens mate
  56. Upes mate
  57. Usins
  58. Vadatajs
  59. Veja mate
  60. Veli
  61. Velns
  62. Velu mate
  63. Vilkacis
  64. Zalksti
  65. Zemes mate
  66. Ziedu mate
  67. Ziemala mamulina
  68. Zvaigznes

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