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Keyboard layout

There are many keyboard layouts, for people to be able to type in differentlanguages. The standard English keyboard layout is known as QWERTY. Various alternatives to the QWERTY layout have been suggested, many claiming advantages such as higher typing speeds. The most famous alternative is the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard.

The keys labelled only with a capital letter, can type both small and capital letters. To type the symbol at the top left of a key, the Shift key, labelled "↑", is used. To type the symbol at the bottom right of a key, the Alt-Gr key is used.

When diacritical marks are typed, they combine with the next letter to be typed. To just type a diacritical mark, it should be followed by a space.

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The following are some keyboard layouts, in alphabetical order: Note: The following layouts assume that the physical location of all keys are the same, with the same scan codes, and that setting the keyboard layout in Windows works correctly.

This is the Arabic keyboard layout:

This is the Armenian keyboard layout:
How do you type a "{"?

This is the Danish keyboard layout:

This is the Greek keyboard layout:

This is the Hangul keyboard layout: (Korean language)
Pressing Ha/En key once switches between Hangul as shown, and English. As there is both a Hangul IME and Hangul keyboard layout, and Hangul keyboard layout won't type any Hangul on my computer, there presumably exists a physically different keyboard for Hangul.

This is the Hebrew keyboard layout:

This is the Portuguese, Brazillian keyboard layout:

This is the Russian keyboard layout:
How do you type a "{"?

This is the Sanskrit keyboard layout: (Hindi language)
Some things seem impossible to type, some keys don't seem to do anything.

This is the Thai keyboard layout:
How do you type a "{"?

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