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Kassel (district)

Adm. Region:Kassel
Area:1,292.77 km²
Inhabitants:245,264 (2002)
pop. density:190 inh./km²
Car identification:KS

Kassel is a Kreis (district) in the north of Hesse, Germany. Neighboring districts are Northeim, Göttingen, Werra-Meißner, Schwalm-Eder, Waldeck-Frankenberg, Höxter. The district-free city Kassel is nearly completely sorrounded by the district.

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History 1972 the previously independent districts Kassel, Hofgeismar and Wolfhagen were merged to form the new bigger district Kassel.

Geography The main river in the district is the Weser, which also forms part of the eastern boundary. It's tributary Fulda flows through the southern part of the district including the city Kassel. In the north of the district it has the Diemel as another tributary of the Weser.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms show the lion of Hesse in the top part, as Kassel was the capital of the counts of Hesse until 1866, when it moved to Prussia. In the lower part it has three oak leaves taken from the coat of arms of the Hofgeismar district, and a wolf's hook symbolizing the Wolfshagen district.

Towns and municipalities

  1. Bad Karlshafen[?]
  2. Baunatal[?]
  3. Grebenstein[?]
  4. Hofgeismar[?]
  5. Immenhausen[?]
  6. Liebenau[?]
  7. Naumburg[?]
  8. Trendelburg[?]
  9. Vellmar[?]
  10. Wolfhagen[?]
  11. Zierenberg[?]
  1. Ahnatal[?]
  2. Bad Emstal[?]
  3. Breuna[?]
  4. Calden[?]
  5. Espenau[?]
  6. Fuldabrück[?]
  7. Fuldatal[?]
  8. Habichtswald[?]
  9. Helsa[?]
  10. Kaufungen[?]

  1. Lohfelden[?]
  2. Nieste[?]
  3. Niestetal[?]
  4. Oberweser[?]
  5. Reinhardshagen[?]
  6. Schauenburg[?]
  7. Söhrewald[?]
  8. Wahlsburg[?]

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