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JEFF K. is one of several fictitious update writers for the popular web site Something Awful[?] (somethingawful.com). Created by web site founder Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka, Jeff K.(often written JEFFK!!!!1 or similar) is a parody of teenage internet users, particularly script kiddies and online gamers. Claiming to be a "l33t hax0r" (translation: an elite hacker), JEFFK is known for his horrible spelling, joining words to create a insults such as "clownboat" and "asshat," and bad web design skills. He has coined several phrases that have entered more widespread usage in other internet communities, most notably the phrase "teh sukc" (as in, "encyclopedias are teh sukc", used to express a dislike for encyclopedias). "Asshat" has also begun appearing in some other online forums as pejorative slang.

Other sites sometimes join in on the joke, and pretend to be hacked by Jeff. The features on Jeff's site are a mixture of game and film reviews, previews and interviews. Jeff also draws "Wacky Fun Computar Comics", which he claims are "bettar than Penny Arcade". Jeffk also uses his site to make fun of "Jerry", who appears to be a friend. A typical JEFFK article title is "A SPECIAL SNEAK PREVIEW FOR WINDWOWS WHISTLAR AND WHY IM SORRY FOR BURNING DOWN MY KITCHEN".

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