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ISO 3166-2

ISO 3166-2 is the second part of the ISO 3166 standard. It was created for coding the names of subdivisions of countries and dependent areas.

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Around 3700.


ISO 3166-2 codes consist of two parts, separated by "-". The first part is the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code element, the second is alphabetic or numeric and has one, two or three digits. The second part often is based on national standards.

Decoding / Encoding lists

To find the ISO 3166-2 codes for each country see ISO 3166-1. If you are familiar with the two-letter codes, you can also use the format matrix given below, or the short cut ISO 3166-2:XX, where XX stands for the ISO 3166-1 code, e.g. ISO 3166-2:AU leads to the code list for Australia.

Changes / Editions

Changes were annonced in 4 Newsletters
  1. ISO 3166-2:2000-06-21[?]
  2. ISO 3166-2:2002-05-21[?]
  3. ISO 3166-2:2002-08-20
  4. ISO 3166-2:2002-12-10

Format matrix with links to codes

length alpha numeric alpha-numeric
1 char
AR, BO[?], CR[?], EC, FJ[?], GM[?], KG, KI[?], KM[?], LS[?], LU[?], MG[?], NE[?], RW[?], SL[?], ST[?], TG[?], TM, VE GA[?], IS[?] PA[?]
2 chars
AE, AL[?], AM[?], AU, BI, BJ[?], BN[?], BI, BJ[?], BR, BS[?], BW[?], BY[?], CA, CD[?], CF[?], CH, CL[?], CM[?], CV[?], CZ[?], DE, DJ[?], DO[?], ER[?], ET, FI, GE, GH[?], GN[?], GT[?], GW[?], GY[?], HN[?], HT[?], HU[?], ID, IN, IT[?], IQ[?], JO[?], KW[?], LA, LB[?], LR[?], LT[?], LV[?], LY[?], MD, MU, MW[?], NA[?], NG[?], NI[?], NL[?], NP[?], OM[?], PK[?], PL[?], QA[?], SB[?], SH[?], SK[?], SN[?], SO[?], SR[?], SV[?], SY[?], SZ[?], TJ, TL, US, UY[?], UZ, WS[?], YE, YU[?], ZA[?], ZW[?] BD[?], BG[?], BH[?], CI[?], CN[?], CU[?], CY[?], DO[?], DZ[?], EE[?], FR[?], GR[?], HR[?], IR[?], JM[?], JP, KR[?], LK[?], MM[?], NO, PT[?], SA[?], SD[?], TN[?], TR[?], TZ[?], UA[?], UM[?], VN[?], ZM[?] BT[?]
3 chars
AO[?], AF[?], BA[?], BE, BF[?], CZ[?], FM[?], GB, KP, KZ, MA[?], MD, MH[?], MX, NZ, PE[?], PG[?], PH[?], TT[?], TW, UG[?] DK[?], KE[?], SI, VU[?]  
1,2 chars
no system?: ES, GQ[?], IE[?], MY[?], SE
1 for regions, 2 for capital: KG
1 for capital, 2 for departments: RO
?:BZ[?], EG[?], TD[?]
2 for republics, 3 for cities, regions, districts: RU[?]
2 for cities, 3 for rayons: AZ[?]
2 for capital, 3 other: ??[?]
  MR[?], MV[?]
MZ[?] MN[?] ML[?]
    CG[?], PY[?]

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See also: subnational entity, list of subnational entities, list of capitals of subnational entities.

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