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Invader Zim

Invader Zim was a television show created by Jhonen Vasquez. Aired on Nickelodeon, it has been cancelled, put back on, and re-cancelled several times. Nickelodeon believed the show was drawing an innappropriate fanbase. When the show was cancelled the fans protested and it was reinstated, a process which has been repeated several times. It is currently off the air. Two seasons of Invader Zim have been made to date.


Zim is a member of the Mighty Irken Race, a species of aliens whose social hierarchy is based on height. The Irken head of state is The Almighty Tallest (during the course of the show leadership of the Irken state is shared by two beings, The Almighty Tallests, who are exactly the same height). Zim was banished to the planet Foodcourtia to fry things for the remainder of his life for destroying a sizeable portion of an Irken city with a giant robot. The Robot was part of Operation Impending Doom I, a major galactic conquest venture by the Irkens. Zim was over-eager and activated his robot before leaving his home-planet.

Upon hearing of Operation Impending Doom II, Zim 'quits' being banished and races to the Great Assigning where Irken Elite soldiers are chosen to become Invaders whose mission it is to blend in with the indigenous life forms of their assigned planet and collect intelligence. Zim pleads with the Tallests to assign him a planet, and in a desperate act to get Zim out of their hair (used figuratively -- Irkens have no visible hair), assign him to a Mystery Planet, Earth.

The show features the exploits of Zim trying to conquer the Earth while his arch-nemesis, Dib, the only person to realize he is an alien, trys to stop him.


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A short, green alien from the planet Irk, whose social structure is based on height. He is trying to conquer the Earth, and is generally unsuccesful. He has a penchant for being over-dramatic, and uses ridiculously excessive and elaborate plans to conquer the planet when he obviously has the ability to do so much more efficiently.


A neurotic, stupid robot slave belonging to Zim. He is easily influenced and impossible to fully control. He is a maliciously modified SIR (Standard Information Retrieval) unit. He is incapable of focusing his attention on important things for long periods of time and often speaks with no relevant coherent thought in mind. He is often the reason Zim fails in his attempts. He is infatuated with Earth culture and is generally agreed to be everyone's favorite character.


Child in the classroom Zim chooses to infiltrate as his primary way to gather information on the planet. Obsessed with the paranormal/supernatural since an early age, Dib is often criticized by his classmates for being crazy or mentally unstable for his outlandish theories. He is the only person capable of seeing through Zim's disguise and makes it clear since his introduction that he will live to stop Zim at every turn. Fairly normal by real world standards.


Dib's creepy sister. She has a penchant for Video Games and striking terror into the hearts of her enemies. She knows Zim is an alien, but doesn't care about his trying to take over the world beacause "...he's so bad at it."

Prof. Membrane

World's smartest man, inventor of Super-Toast, and father of Dib and Gaz. He does not believe in aliens or "parascience". He posseses incredible technology and has his own TV show. He hates Santa Claus.

Ms. Bitters

Teacher of Dib and Zim's class. Devoid of any compassionate emotion, she is a tall, slender aged woman of unknown origin. She displays dark powers, such as the ability to materialize from the shadows.

Old Kid

A minor character introduced in episode 2 and rarely seen again. He is a child with the head of a 60-something year old man: very creepy.

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