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Intelligent transportation system

The Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) program is an initiative of the United States Department of Transportation to add information technology to transportation infrastructure and vehicles. It aims to manage vehicles, loads, and routes to improve safety and reduce vehicle wear, transportation times and fuel costs.

The ITS program was originally called Intelligent Vehicle/Highway Systems.

Intelligent Transportation Systems are a set of related technologies, including:

  • archived data
    • archived data mart
    • archived data warehouse
    • archived data virtual warehouse

  • advanced public transit systems[?]
    • transit vehicle tracking
    • transit fixed-route operations
    • demand responsive transit
    • passenger and fare management
    • public travel security
    • transit maintenance
    • multi-modal co-ordination
    • en-route transit information
    • multi-modal connection protection

  • advanced traffic management systems[?]
    • ramp meters
    • traffic control[?]
    • traffic network flow monitoring
    • probe-based flow monitoring
    • surface street control
    • highway control
    • HOV lane management
    • traffic information dissemination
    • regional traffic control
    • incident risk prediction system
    • predictive demand management
    • electronic toll collection[?]
    • emissions management
    • virtual TMC and vehicle-based sensing
    • basic at-grade crossing control
    • advanced at-grade crossing
    • modal operations co-ordination
    • electronic parking payment and parking facility management
    • reversible lane management
    • road weather information system[?]
    • regional parking management
    • roadway environmental sensing
    • roadway and weather data fusion
    • environmental information dissemination
    • roadway micro-prediction
    • maintenance fleet management
    • smart work zones
    • dynamic roadway warning
    • variable speed limit and enforcement
    • signal enforcement
    • mixed use warning systems
    • automated non-vehicular road user protection

  • advanced vehicle safety systems[?]
    • vehicle safety monitoring
    • driver safety monitoring
    • longitudinal warning systems
    • lateral warning systems
    • intersection collision warning
    • pre-collision restraint deployment
    • sensor-based driving safety enhancement
    • longitudinal collision avoidance
    • lateral collision avoidance
    • intersection collision avoidance
    • automated vehicle operation

  • commercial vehicle operations
    • fleet administration
    • freight administration
    • electronic clearance
    • commercial vehicle administrative processes
    • international border crossing clearance
    • weigh-in-motion (WIM)
    • roadside CVO safety
    • on-board safety monitoring
    • CVO fleet maintenance
    • hazardous material planning and incident response
    • freight in-transit monitoring
    • freight terminal management

Most advanced surface transportation technologies now are pitched under the ITS rubric. In Europe, it is often called Telematics[?].

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