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Hopi mythology

The Hopi are a tribe of Native Americans located in the southwestern United States.

Kokopelli is a god worshipped by many southeastern tribes. He is a humpbacked flautist. Among the Hopi, he brought the fetuses to pregnant women, and took part in many rituals relating to marriage.

Muyingwa is the god of germination.

Taiowa[?] is the creator god. He made Sotuknang[?] and ordered him to make the universe. The first world was called Topela[?] and had land, water and air, as well as Koyangwuti[?] (spider woman), who then created twins, Poqanghoya[?] and Palongawhoya[?]. They made rivers, oceans and mountains. Koyangwuti then made all organisms, but most of the men did not obey the gods, so Sotuknang killed them with a flood. Two more bad worlds were created and destroyed. The fourth world, the modern world, is Tuwaqachi[?].

Tokpela[?] was the endless, primordial space before creation.

Kachinas are masked dolls, symbolizing the spirits of deceased persons. Good people go west and become kachinas, but there is no absolute connection between the former soul and the kachina (i.e. each doll does not represent a particular deceased person). See kachina for more information on the different kinds of kachinas.

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