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The heel is the prominence at the posterior end of the foot. It is based on the projection of one bone, the calcaneum[?], behind the articulation of the bones of the lower leg. In the long-footed mammals, both the hoofed species (unguligrade[?]) and the clawed forms which walk on the toes (digitigrade[?]), the heel is well above the ground at the apex of the angular joint known as the hock[?]. In plantigrade[?] species it rests on the ground.

Heel (population: 8,333) is a town in the southeastern Netherlands, in the province of Limburg. The municipality covers an area of 25.36 km² (of which 6.00 km² water).

The municipality of Heel also includes the following towns, villages and townships: Beegden[?], Panheel[?], Wessem[?].

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