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In biology, a leg is the part of an animal's body (most commonly in one of the even numbers of 2, 4, 6 or 8, and many more in millipedes) that separates the body from the ground and is used for locomotion.

In an extended sense, a leg is any part of an object that connects it with the ground. An example is the legs of a table or a chair.

Strictly speaking, in human anatomy, the leg only includes everything between the knee and the foot, and is a part of the lower limb.

Table of contents

Bones of the human leg (from hip joint to ankle joint):

Muscles of the human leg:

Muscles of the thigh
Anterior compartment of the thigh
Posterior compartment of the thigh

Muscles of the calf
The anterior compartment
The posterior compartment
The lateral compartment
The deep posterior compartment

Vasculature of the leg

The arteries
Common femoral artery[?]
Deep femoral artery[?]
Superficial femoral artery[?]
Popliteal artery[?]
Anterior tibial artery[?]
Posterior tibial artery[?]
Peroneal artery[?]
Arcuate artery[?]
The veins
Greater saphenous vein
Lesser saphenous vein[?]
Femoral vein[?]
Popliteal vein[?]
Anterior tibial vein[?]
Posterior tibial vein[?]
Peroneal vein[?]

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