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Harbin Institute of Technology

Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT for short), with a long history and comprehensive strength, is a fully accredited, prestigious, and rapid developing university in Harbin, China. Established in 1920, and since being acknowledged as one of the top six universities in the country, it has ever been enjoying priority from the Chinese government in its support for its higher educational development. It was chosen in 1996 by the central government as one of the 9 universities for the development of the world first Crate higher education in the 21st century.

HIT has educated hundreds of hundreds of students and its alumni and alumnae today are scattered in many countries in the world. They can be found in countries of Asia, Europe, America, Oceanica, and so on. HIT is an opening and international university. It has actively introduced advanced technology and experiences in education from abroad and integrated them with the specific education system in HIT. It organized a Professor Delegation to visit the U.S.A. in the 1980s, which was the first delegation of higher education formally invited to visit America. Now it has established intercollegiate cooperation and academic exchange with over 300 universities, colleges, and organizations of almost 40 countries and regions in the world.

HIT has forged a tradition of strong patriotism, always showing great concern for its motherland and for the fate of the nation, and a tradition of effective service in education to the modernization of socialist China. The university was, as early as in 1950s, acknowledged in the country as the "cradle of engineers". HIT is one of the universities that were first authorized to offer master and doctoral degree programs in China. It indeed educated in those years qualified students who have today become what are called the backbones and essence in the world of education, science and technology. Of these graduated students, some have today become academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science[?] and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Quality in education has always been central to the mission of the university. HIT is well-known for its education style, "Being Strict in Standard and Making Effort in Training". With emphasis on teaching the students in accordance with their aptitude, the university strives to develop their creative spirit and practical ability, to fully stretch their minds and achieve their potential. Since its founding, the institute has educated over 60,000 students, of whom some are today the generals of the republic, some are ministers and leaders of the government at different levels, some are academicians of the Academies and famous scholars and experts in the field of education and research, and many are the backbones in their work units at different places. The students educated in HIT are universally appreciated for their solid foundation of knowledge, being quick in adapting to their profession, being fast in learning and grasping new things, and being able to think critically, and being comprehensive in quality. So much so that the graduates from HIT can hardly meet the need of the socialist market. They in fact become the priority in the demanding and competitive market.

HIT is resourceful in scientific research and has a tradition of innovation which is guaranteed by the institute's teaching and research staff which has a solid theoretical foundation, broad horizon of knowledge, rich experience, innovative potential, and cooperative spirit and competitive ability. HIT always strives to be forward looking in the development of science and research as well in the development of the society and makes efforts in transforming the school into the centers for teaching and research. During these fifty years or so, HIT has been working hard to realize the instructions by Deng Xiaoping: "Big factories and universities should show concern for the fate of the country and higher education should make break-through development in science and technology", and ¡°Harbin Institute of Technology should be involved in the most advanced branches of science. The institute has indeed been making tremendous efforts in achieving the breakthrough developments in the most advanced branches of science and technology. The institute has been adjusting its specialties and research directions, as well as its service systems and organizing interdisciplinary research projects to meet the demand of the country's modernization and construction for knowledge and innovation and to support the development of higher education. Taking the advantage of the comprehensive development of the multi-disciplines, the institute has completed many key projects at national, provincial and ministerial levels. HIT has always been on the top of the list for the level, size, and fund of its scientific research. To quicken the transformation of the product of research into production of the market. HIT has, in recent years, taken the lead among the universities in China in building a high-tech park, and thus opening up a new path leading to a new type of school, a school combining teaching, research, and production together.

Life on the campus is enriched by an extensive range of student support services and activities, including first-rate service, advanced facilities for teaching and research, and scientific management.. The institute, in particular, requires the teachers to be responsible not only for the development of their study but also for their ideological growth. All the faculty, leaders, and the staff members, regarding the students as the center, are always ready and available for the convenience of the students. The students on the campus are rendered to feel just at home during their stay in the institute.

Facing the challenge of the rapid development of science and technology and the intellectual economy and the ever increasing competition between countries, we have fully felt the weight of responsibility and our mission in the process of advancing science and technology as the basis for the building of our country. As we look to the future, we believe that, with the support from the government and the school's own experience in its building, we will successfully challenge the future, strive to become the "cradle of engineers and talents", be able to accomplish projects of vital importance for mankind, make efforts in becoming an important source in turning the result of research into realistic productive forces, endeavor to become a bridge in the exchange of science, technology, and culture with other countries, and eventually, in twenty years or so, become a first-rate comprehensive university in the world as envisioned by our pioneering founders and all the people working in the institute.

Harbin where HIT is located is called "the miniature of Paris in the eastern world". The city is covered with snow in winter, offering a beautiful world of white. The world famous ice and snow culture turns the city into a world of silvery and crystal during the day and a world glistening with colorful lights in the night. In summer, the city is cool with fresh air. It offers the visitors the beautiful Shonghua River and the Sun island, which attracts visitors from all over the country. Located in such a beautiful city, HIT invites you with us here at the campus. We welcome new companions, new friends¡ªon our journey toward truth, knowledge, and human progress.

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