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Gypsy music

Gypsy music is, unsurprisingly, the music of gypsy communities. There is no single unified group of gypsies, but the term encompasses a number of (usually) nomadic peoples. In the same way, the term "gypsy music" is used somewhat as a blanket term for a range of different styles of music.

It characteristically has high pitch notes[?] and melodies that outsing the harmonies. It is common in Arabian and Middle Eastern countries, but is often found in southern parts of India as well. There is a strong tradition of gypsy music in Central and Eastern Europe, notably in countries such as Hungary, Rumania and the former Yugoslavia; the violin is a very prominent instrument in this music, though by no means the only one. The quintessentially Spanish flamenco is the music (and dance, or indeed the culture) of the Gypsies of Andalusia.

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