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Three people in Greek mythology shared the name Gordias.

  1. In Greek mythology, Gordias was a Phrygian king, father of Adrastus with Eurynome. Adrastus accidentally killed his own brother and had to flee to Lycia.
  2. Gordias was a Phrygian farmer. An eagle landed on his plough; a sign he interpreted to mean he would one day become a king. Later in his life, an oracle confirmed his future and he founded the city of Gordium[?], which became the Phrygian capital. His chariot was located in Gordium and was secured with an intricate knot called the Gordian Knot. Legend said that only a future emperor could unravel it; instead, Alexander the Great cut the knot in half.
  3. With Cybele, Gordias was an adoptive parent of Midas (may be the same as #1)

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