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The Roman Forum (Forum Romanum) was an area of the central ancient Rome in which commerce, business, trading and the administration of justice took place.

It is now famous for the remains, which eloquently describe us the use of urban spaces during the Roman Age, and the term collectively indicates also all the monuments, buildings and other ancient ruins that were found.

The principal Forum has been identified in the area comprised between the Capitoline Hill and the Colosseum, but others did exist in other areas of the town.

  • The Forum Boarium was dedicated to the commerce of cattle and was between the Palatine Hill and the river Tiber.
  • The Forum Holitorium was dedicated to the commerce of herbs and vegetables, between the Capitoline Hill and the Servian walls.
  • The Forum Piscarium was dedicated to the commerce of fish, between the Capitoline hill and the Tiber, in the area of the current Roman Ghetto[?].
  • The Forum Vinarium was dedicated to the commerce of wine, in the area now of the "quartiere" Testaccio[?], between Aventine Hill and the Tiber.
  • Other markets were known, but not correctly identifiable because of either lack of clear information or plurality of sites. Among these, the Forum cuppedinis, for generic commerce of many kinds of goods.

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