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In Roman mythology, Fortuna (Greek equivalent Tyche) was the personification of good luck. She also had the name Annonaria. Under this name, she protected grain supplies. Fortuna had a retinue that included Copia.

Fortuna was worshipped by mothers. Her cult was introduced to Rome by Servius Tullius.

Fortuna had a temple on the Forum Boarium[?], a sanctuary (Fortuna Populi Romani[?] on the Quirinalis) and an oracle in Praeneste[?] where the future was chosen by a small boy choosing oak rods with possible futures written on them.

In art, she was portrayed standing in an expensive dress; she was associated with the cornucopia, rudder, ball and blindfold.

Alternative names

  • Annonaria
  • Primigenia
  • Virilis
  • Respiciens
  • Muliebris

Fortuna is also the name of a pseudorandom number generator design by Neils Ferguson and Bruce Schneier. They claim it to be an improvement over Schneier's prior design, Yarrow.

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