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Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon was originally a comic strip by Alex Raymond[?], first published in 1934. It was made into a movie serial in 1936, and followed by sequels and a television series. The 1980 film is remembered mainly for its music, which was provided by Queen.

The comics and movies followed the adventures of Flash Gordon, for whom the series was named, and his companions Dr. Hans Zarkov[?] and Dale Arden[?]. The story begins with Dr. Zarkov's invention of a rocket ship, in which the three of them make a journey to the planet Mongo[?] where they are stranded. Mongo is inhabited by a number of different cultures, some quite technologically advanced, that have been falling one by one under the domination of the vicious tyrant Ming the Merciless[?].

The three Earthpeople are befriended shortly after their arrival by Prince Barin, rightful heir to the throne that Ming has taken. Ming banishes Prince Barin and his followers - including Ming's own daughter, Aura, Barin's bride - to the forest realm of Arboria, and the three join in Barin's quest to topple Ming.

A pornographic takeoff called Flesh Gordon[?] was released in 1972.
In 1979, Filmation produced an animated series based on the comic strip and the first season is remembered as one of the better efforts on the studio.

In 1988, DC Comics produced a modernized version of the comic strip. It featured a Flash as washed up basketball player who finds new purpose in life on Mongo, a Dale who is an adventurous reporter who is just as capable as Flash and a Ming who is less of an Asian stereotype.

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