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Evaluation is a general term for the determination of the "value" of a mathematical expression, a meeting, a procedure, etc., by computation, discussion or analysis.

The reputation of a person, company, etc. is how he, she or it is valued on average, for example with regard to expertise and morality.

Prestige means good reputation or high esteem.

In computer science evaluation is the process of determining the value of an expression.

Some programming languages such as the Lisp programming language support expressions as a first-class data type and have an explicit evaluation construct. Other languages such as the C programming language only have expressions as a programming language construct rather than a data type, and implicity evaluate expressions at compile-time or run-time.

For example in LISP the expression

(eval (quote (add 2 3)))

will yield the result 5 by calling the evaluator function eval on the expression (add 2 3).

The term also has a closely related, but more precise, mathematical meaning in model theory.

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