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Elder Edda

The Elder Edda, also known as the "Poetic Edda" is a collection of Norse mythology. It is traditionally attributed to Saemund the Wise[?]. It was presumed lost until 1643 when the then Bishop of Skálholt, Brynjólfur Sveinnson[?], discovered a manuscript dating back at least to the 13th century containing many verses which had been referenced by Snorri Sturluson in the Younger Edda. Many of the poems in it are written in the ljóðaháttr, a traditional form of alliterative verse.

The document is now stored in the Royal Library in Copenhagen, and is contained within the Codex Regius[?] (R2365).

The poems contained within it are:

Voluspa (also spelt Voluspo, known also as "The Prophecy of the Vala")
Havamal (also spelt Hovomol)
Harbarsljoth[?] (also spelt Harbarzljoð, also known as "The Lay of Harbarth")
Hymiskvitha[?] (also known as "The Lay of Hymis")
Lokasenna (also known as "Loki's Mocking")
Thrymskvitha (also known as "The Lay of Thrym")
Alvissmal[?] (also known as "The Sayings of Alvis")
Baldurs Draumar[?] (also better known as "Baldur's Dream")
Rigsthula[?] (also known as "Rig's Song")
Hyndluljoth[?] (known also as "The Lay of Hyndla")
Svipdagsmal[?] (known also and variously as: "Grogaldr", "Fjolsvinnsmal", "The Sayings of Svipdag", "The Spell of Groa")
Vouspa hin skamma[?] (known also as "The Short Prophecy of Vala")

It also contains the heroic lays which are considered to predate the mythical lays:

Volundarkvitha[?] "The Lay of Volund"

The Helgi Lays :-
Helgakvitha Hjorvarthssonar[?]
Helgakvitha Hundisbana[?]

Fra Dautha Sinfjotla[?]
Brot Af Sigurtharthviku[?]
Guthrunarkvitha I[?]
Sigurtharthviku En Skamma[?]
Helreith Brynhildar[?]
Drap Niflunga[?]
Guthrunarkvitha II, En Forna[?]
Guthrunarkvitha III[?]
Atlakvitha En Gronlenzku[?]
Hamthesmal[?] ("The Lay of Hamdir")

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