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Eight Immortals from Sichuan

This article is about one of the less famous set of Eight Immortals. For the most popular set of "Eight Immortals", see Eight Immortals, which also contains a list of other sets of Eight Immortals.

Eight Immortals from Sichuan (蜀中八仙 in pinyin: shu3 zhong1 ba1 xian1) describe eight Sichuanese who became immortals at variously time. The term is first used by Qiao Xiu (譙秀 qiao2 xiu4) in Record of Shu[?] (《蜀紀》 shu3 zi4) written in Jin Dynasty.

They are:

  • Fan Changsheng (范長生 fan4 chang2 sheng1),
  • Dong Zhongshu (董仲舒 dong3 zhong4 shu1),
  • Li Babai (李八百 li3 ba1 bai3),
  • Li Er (李耳 li3 er3),
  • Master Erzhu (爾朱先生 er3 zhu1 xian1 shen1),
  • Mister Rongcheng (容成公 rong2 cheng2 gong1),
  • Zhang Daoling (張道陵 zhang1 dao4 ling1), and
  • Zhuang Junping (莊君平 zhuang1 jun1 ping2).

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