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In the fictional Dungeons & Dragons game worlds drow, or dark elves as they are called by most surface dwellers, are an offshot of the elven race which due to some ideological difference has been driven underground and eventually adapted to those surroundings, especially by attracting the attention of the goddess Lolth, Lady of Spiders. Drow are characterized by white hair, black skin, violet or yellow eyes and innate spell powers and spell resistance. This is balanced with their weakness in daylight. Also, drow weapons and armor slowly lose their magical properties if exposed to the sun. Drow are level adjusted +2 and get +2 Int, +2 Dex, -2 Con. Half-drow are the result of crossbreeding between humans and drow, and share characteristics of both. Drow are commonly sorcerors.

Drow hate elves, but wage war with other terran and subterranean races, such as mindflayers and kuo-toa[?] for spoils and territory. Their society is matriarchal, with priestesses of Lolth in the highest seats of powers. Males are either enslaved or (rarely) respected if they are powerful enchanters, but never allowed to rule.

Drow were designed for the worlds of Oerth and Aber-Toril (Forgotten Realms), but they may be found in many other published and GM-created game settings.

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