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A discovery is a novel observation, usually of a natural phenomenon. The term has also been used for the beginning of contact between Europe and an area of the world such as the Columbus's discovery of America. Some find the latter use of the term objectionable as it ignores the existence of indigineous peoples[?] of an area who knew about it before the Europeans.

Contrast with invention, technique[?], and theory.

Significant ancient discoveries

Significant historical discoveries

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Significant modern discoveries

  • the discovery of the structure of DNA
  • the discovery of quasars
  • and so on... please add to this list... please compare the invention article for a similar structure

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In law, the term discovery is used during pre-trial phase in a lawsuit in which each party through the law of civil procedure can request documents and other evidence from other parties or can compel the production of evidence by using a subpoena or through other discovery devices, such as requests for production and depositions. In American law, discovery is wide ranging and can involve any material which is relevant to the case excepting information which is privileged[?] or information which is the work product[?] of the lawyers other side.

In practice, most civil cases in the United States are settled after discovery. After discovery, both sides usually are in agreement about the strength of each side's case and this produces a settlement which eliminates the expense and risks of a trial. The use of discovery has been criticized as favoring the wealthier side as one tactic is to make requests of information which are expensive and time consuming for the other side to fulfil.

Discovery[?] is an album by Electric Light Orchestra which was released in 1978.

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